M. Jazumi Hasan (Alumni Twenty Second Kampung Inggris)

TSEC Kampung Inggris
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Hi my Name is M.Jazumi Hasan. I come from Lombok Island. I took aku course in 22nd english course because, I wanted to develop my english and look for experience. In there we can get new friend from various region. I will tell you about my experience in pare.
One day when I last took a pare test, I got an exam about how to teach people in English. in the exam, I was taught how to be patient to teach people patiently with their annoying behavior, they don’t want to hear and etc.
that way I get a very valuable experience even if only briefly. so much that I can learn on the exam until I finish the exam. This is how it feels people teach patiently however the behavior of the people taught are still patient.
Maybe that’s all from me

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