How to feel comfortable to learn english in Kampung Inggris?

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How to feel comfortable to learn english in Kampung Inggris

English is the reason why most of the students take a course in Kampung Inggris. Kampung Inggris gives the students a chance to learn while practicing. By practicing, they are able to be faster to understand the lesson. But In the writer’s experiences, some students left Kampung Inggris earlier than their target and “WHY?”. It makes the writer to be coerced into analyzing the causes. The writer found some reasons such as a parent’s request, a school demand, a job demand, an uncomfortable living etc. Here, the writer is interested in the word of “uncomfortable” because this cause can disfigure the name of Kampung Inggris. The readers must understand what the writer means and when the word of “uncomfortable” is conveyed by someone to everyone out of kampung Inggris, it doubts them to learn english and visit Kampung Inggris. The effect goes to the tutors and the courses that cannot get enough members. In this occasion, the writer wants to share the way “How to feel comfortable to learn english in Kampung Inggris”.

There are 3 points that the readers have to run:

1. Take a camp and a course that have a good togetherness!

The camp and the course are the foundation of learning english. Kampung Inggris produces many courses and camp and If a student chooses a wrong camp or course, it will influence their comfort. Here, the writer suggests the readers to have Twenty Second Kampung Inggris as the readers’ first course and camp because Twenty Second Kampung Inggris gives the students a good quality, treatment and togetherness that the reader cannot find at home.

2. Find a close friend!

The writer ever met some students who want to leave Kampung Inggris earlier than their plan and the reason is they do not have a close friend in their class or camp. They said “without a friend I cannot stay longer and here, I’m like an odd student”.

3. Visit some tourism places where closes to Kampung Inggris!

Gumul, Surowono and Tegowangi are tourism places where can be visited by cycling. In Kampung Inggris, the students learn english from Monday until Friday and they can take Saturday or Sunday for visiting tourism places. The reason, why the tourism places are included in one of the writer’s points, is because the students need to refresh their mind of a stress and by visiting tourism places the students can build their togetherness with their friends.

Finally, the writer wants to appreciate the readers’ attention in Kampung Inggris and specially to Twenty Second Kampung Inggris. As reminder, three points above come from the writer’s experiences and If the readers ever felt or have a different thought, it is able to be shared to the writer.

-Khairi Abu

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