Devi Ivtiana (Alumni Twenty Second Kampung Inggris)

Devi Ivtiana Alumni Twenty Second Kampung Inggris

Assalamu’alaikum Wr Wb

Hello guys ! My name is Devi Ivtiana, now i work as tour guider for local tourist and foreign tourist. And i also work at travel agent in Yogyakarta. Now i will tell you about my experience when i studied english at Twenty Second English Course in kampung inggris Pare.

In the beginning i felt very confused to choose english courses in kampung inggris Pare, because there are so many places for english courses there. But my friend recommended me to came in Twenty Second Kampung Inggris. At the first time i came there, i was greeted by a very friendly both with tutors and friends who were there. For me, this is good impression for the first time there.

I think Twenty Second is the right place for you who want to improve your ability in the english language, from unable in english to be good in english , from good in english to be expert. The tutors will teach to you clearly and friendly, so you will be unbelievably easy to understand and memorize it every day. I guarantee you will feel at home in Twenty Second.

Twenty Second English Courses is a suitable place for you guys who wanna get a lot of brothers, sisters and family. I still remember, i ever cry there because i do not wanna go home and still wanted to stay in the Twenty Second English Course, whereas i only two weeks was there. It’s all because i was very comfortable and feel already like family there. And i felt my ability in english increase and i can speak english more fluently in the Twenty Second. The important thing is the tutors always give me motivation.

Thank’s a lot all my tutors in Twenty Second English Course. Miss you all guys 😀

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