Debi Aprianda (Alumni Twenty Second Kampung Inggris)

Debi Aprianda Alumni Twenty Second Kampung Inggris,

Twenty Second Kampung Inggris gave me more than expected. You can find many places to learn English but never as friendly, relaxing, and unique as like as Twenty Second Kampung Inggris. The learning methods are fun and effective. The teacher is very credible. The schedule and also the places are flexible.

It’s really worth it as an English course. ”I enjoy studying at Twenty Second Kampung Inggris” . Twenty Second Kampung Inggris makes me able to speak English better than before. When I was in junior high school, I thought English was a complicated language, but now, I think that learning English is very fun. Many activities that we do here, just like games and watch some movies. Those activities help me to improve my English.   Hello guys “Do you feel embarrassed when you speak English? Is your pronunciation bad? Do you make a lot of grammar mistakes when you speak? Do people have trouble understanding you? Is it difficult for you to understand native speakers? Do you feel frustrated because you still can’t understand English speakers easily? Is it possible that you will speak English well?” Don’t worry guys I have solution for you. The solution is let’s joining to Twenty Second Kampung Inggris.

Twenty Second Kampung Inggris is really awesome. I love your method guys. “I think there is only one sentence to describe Twenty Second Kampung Inggris “This is the best place to learn English”. Trust me.”

-Debi Aprianda, Jombang.

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